Trip Report: 2010 10th Mountain Hut Weekend Trip
8/5/2010 - 8/8/2010
Our ninth and most popular (17 hutsters!) annual hut trip was almost the one that didn't happen.  Days of heavy monsoonal rains had drenched the grounds and threatened to wash out the weekend.  A last minute Forest Service road closure blocked the one good route to the Harry Gates Hut.  But then again, what's a hut trip without drama?!?  Luckily, a break in the clouds staved off the rains, and the quick, lead feet of the sag drivers broke through the roadblock!  The rewards were some of the most beautiful biking around, along sheer limestone canyons, jagged mountain peaks, lush rolling meadows, and black gaping sinkholes.  Nights were filled with food, drinks, games, and the typical warm camaraderie found by dodging another of nature's bullets in the great wilds.
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