Trip Report: 2002 10th Mountain Hut Weekend Trip
8/17/2002 - 8/19/2002
Why spend a lazy weekend atop the glorious peaks of Eagle County at the Peter Estin Hut when we could hump the 17-mile deathmarch across the Mt. Thomas Trail?  In retrospect, this was a terrible decision for a terribly difficult ride.  None of us knew of the miles of unbikeable, loose talus fields.  Lesson: don't always trust a map.  Lucky for us, the scenery was simply spectacular, with impressive overlooks of Sylvan Lake, Ruedi Reservoir, and all the surrounding mountain ranges. The weather was perfect also.  We stopped for lunch atop Ruedi Peak while enjoying the awesome view of Ruedi Reservoir far, far below.  After going down a trail on the map that no longer existed in real life (blocked by blowdowns), we pushed through a miserable climb up a short jeep trail and finally connected with the Ruedi Trail.  While its top was fairly rocky, the Ruedi Trail was a welcome relief.  We were all dead tired and had run out of water miles earlier.  The Ruedi Trail was totally decadent, dishing out its 4000' vertical drop over several miles with barely a stomp on our bike pedals.  It took 8 hours to ride from Crooked Creek Pass to the reservoir at a pretty leisurely pace.  While this was a strenuous ride, the scenery and the awesome downhill made it all worthwhile.  Ummm, maybe not!
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