Steamboat Springs

With a great ski resort, wonderful scenery and a spectacular network of trails, Steamboat Springs is a wonderful place to go mountain biking.  The best biking trails are found on and around Rabbit Ears Pass (Wyoming, Fish Creek Falls, Mountain View) and north of town in the Elk River basin around Hahn’s Peak (Coulton Creek, Scott's Run, Mad Creek, Nipple Peak, Grizzly, Elkhorn Mountain).  Trails in the region are generally moderate in nature, with minimal technical challenges, and so appeal to riders of intermediate ability.  Most trails are just a few miles in length and have only moderate elevation gain.  Note that many trails cross into Wilderness Areas where bicycles are not permitted, so be sure to study your map before heading out.  Given the distance from Denver, most visitors to Steamboat will want to take advantage of hotel /condo accommodations or camp in the National Forest for a multi-day visit.

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