Fruita / Grand Junction

There is good reason Fruita has become the mountain biking Mecca of Colorado.  The marvelously scenic loop trails along the rim of the Colorado River are perennial favorites.  The roller coaster trails along the base of the Book Cliffs are a blast.  The Edge Loop is a world famous IMBA epic, and the West Rim Trail in Rabbit Valley is always a crowd pleaser.  Newbie riders will feel comfortable on Rustler's Loop and Mary's Loop and the new trail network constructed in 2010 around Highline Lake State Park.  The Horsethief Bench and Steve's Loop trails are the most scenic.  Gonzo bikers will meet their match on the Moore Fun trail.  Hikers have the added bonus of exploring Rattlesnake Canyon, which boasts the world's second largest concentration of natural arches, or wondering at the myriad rock formations in the Colorado National Monument.  Grand Junction, while overshadowed in the mountain biking world by the fame of its little sister, Fruita, offers many fine trails.  Several of them lie just on the edge of town -- the Ribbon Trail and Lunch Loops to the south being the most popular.

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