Elk Meadow Park

Elk Meadow Park in Evergreen has a couple of trails that are popular with mountain bikers.  The trails interconnect to form three loops, affording the rider several possible combinations.  The Meadow View trail runs 3.1 miles over very moderate terrain, with a grade of just 4% and elevation gain of only 260'.  It can be linked with the Painters Pause trail (1.0 miles), the Sleepy "S" trail (1.1 miles) and the the Elk Ridge trail (0.5 mile) -- all equally mellow and good choices for those new to mountain biking.  In contrast, the Bergen Peak trail clocks in at 3.7 miles, with a gain of 1730 feet.  It has steep climbs and numerous switchbacks.  The same can be said of the Too Long trail, which measures 2.4 miles and has 1220' of elevation gain.  These latter are the rides that excite serious bikers.
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