Donner Lake Rim Trail
Follow the recently completed section of the Donner Lake Rim Trail (DLRT), an exciting gateway for mountain bikers into the Castle Peak backcountry.  This is the beginning of 23 miles of singletrack that will eventually encircle the Donner Lake Basin.  Access to the DLRT begins at the bottom of Negro Canyon near U. S. Highway 80.  A ragged access trail climbs up to an intersection with the rim trail, a beautiful and well-built singletrack.  Once on the DLRT, you can head west through meadows of mule’s ear to Summit Lake.  When the next section of the rim trail is completed, it will connect with the Hole-in-the-Ground Trail. Heading east on the DLRT, you climb a series of well-graded switchbacks to an overlook on Donner Ridge.  In both directions, the lower portions of the trails are exposed through the chaparral, offering incredible views of Mount Lincoln, Donner Lake, and Castle Peak.  Even under the cover of the forest near the top of both ridges, the views are stunning.
--excerpts from Mountain Biking Lake Tahoe by Lorene Jackson
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