Sheep Ridge Loop
Located just 6 miles southwest of Fairplay, this 8-mile loop of jeep roads climbs over two passes as it circles around Sheep Ridge.  From the main dirt road off of Hwy 285, the loop may be done in either direction although some may find the counterclockwise route a bit easier since they're tackling the higher Browns Pass first.  Done in that direction, riders climb up to 11,400' Browns Pass on the less technical side and drop down to Sheep Park on the steeper, rockier side.  The level riding along the Park is a welcomed rest before the climb up to 10,900' Breakneck Pass and down the other side to loop back to the start.  While the trail is all jeep roads, its relative isolation and the dramatic views of the Mosquito Range atop the two passes make this loop a nice alternative to the more crowded trails in the South Park Valley. Off of CR 658, three miles west of Hwy 285.
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