Mt. Bross Jeep Road
If you want an "easy" ride to top a fourteener, there's the paved road to Mt. Evans or the graded dirt road to Pike's Peak.  If you're looking for true off-road insanity, here it is.  Admittedly, this trail description is for fun and giggles only, since no known human of sound mind will consider riding the 13-mile out-and-back trail to the top of 14,172' Mt. Bross!  Starting relatively "low" at 11,100' Kite Lake, the trail and pain only goes up from there.  While deceivingly moderate for the first two miles in the diminishing pine forests, the trail rapidly degrades into loose dirt and endless torments of wobbly, jagged talus.  Don't worry too much if the lack of oxygen has turned your eyes and brain to jelly since the trail just disappears into the infinite rock fields atop Mt. Bross.  Just pick a line and keep moving.  Eventually you'll reach the final summit and have one hell of a downhill to ride and, yes, story to tell your friends. At Kite Lake Campground.
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