Woods and Tellurium Lakes Loop
Composed of four separate segments, this 9.5-mile loop offers up nearly five miles of singletrack, a rare treat in the area.  The counterclockwise loop starts at the lake and heads out west on Woods Lake Road, continues south onto Burnt Mountain Road, turns onto the Tellurium Lake Trail, and connects onto the Woods Lake Trail to take riders back to the start.  Along the way, the trail will run by Sinking River Cave, a dramatic 160’ deep gash in the ground which swallows up an unlucky creek.  Hugging the edge of the Holy Cross Wilderness, the singletrack section is not well discovered by bikers and, as such, can be overgrown and fairly rugged, especially the three talus fields on the Tellurium Lake Trail portion.  Hikers can take the Tellurium Lake trail further into the Wilderness, where bikes are not allowed. Trailhead and parking lot at Woods Lake.
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