The Rocky Mountain Bicycle Boys is a casual club for mountain bikers who love the thrill and camaraderie that comes from off-road riding with their friends. We especially enjoy exploring the endless miles of spectacular, scenic trails of Colorado's unique geography and history.

Changing of the Season

With another Labor Day down, summer has unofficially wrapped up.  We hope you were able to join in on some of our trips and rides, because we've definitely had a lot of fun this year, haven't we?  Just check out our awesome pics.  We're also proud to announce that only 48% of those smiles were Photoshopped!  ;-) 

But don't hang up the bikes just yet.  Fall is a fantastic time to ride.  The days are cooler and often drier as the summer monsoons come to a halt.  Watch for coming weeks when the trees change colors, and the hillsides light up with brilliant golden and reddish hues.  Few things are as magical as the peak of fall foliage!  Even now, sponsors may still plan out trips and rides for the weeks and months ahead, especially winter trips for early 2016!  Oh lookie, we have our first winter trip booked already!  If you want more, just keep a sharp eye out for any other newly added trips or rides which may spark your interest, and get in touch with any trip sponsor quickly to put in your name.  Our trips fill up fast!  We want to see you woo-hooing on a trip, not boo-hooing on the sidelines.

Please note that due to extensive derezzing of e-trees, we are no longer producing our monthly electronic newsletter.  So this awesome website is where you'll find the latest news, updates, and maybe some impeccable/incompetent humor that'll make you giggle/groan with utter delight/disgust.  We'll continue to slave away to keep it as current as possible, so please check back often.  Meanwhile, trip sponsors will periodically send out group emails with their latest updates, so please keep looking out for those.  Yes, we do it all for you, because, by golly, you deserve it!

Again, if you have any trip/ride ideas or suggestions on how to better run your club or our website, please let us know at  Remember: no one listens to your flapping clap trap or clapping flap trap better than the RMBB.  Hmmm, I think that should be our new club motto.

Happy Trails!

Last updated 9/16/2015
Newly Added Events
RMBB returns to Steamboat Resort over MLK weekend in mid-January, 2016.  A lucky sweet 16 will spend four nights at Iron Oak Duplex, a base area home with fireplace, game room, private hot tub, and free city shuttle.

Pricing for the four night trip is per bed.  King and queen accommodations may be shared by two people.  Breakfast and dinner on site are included in the following prices:

$560 (deposit $280) - King bed (1 or 2 occupants)
$440 (deposit $220) - Queen bed (1 or 2 occupants)
$280 (deposit $140) - Twin bed (1 occupant)
$220 (deposit $110) - Bunk bed (1 occupant)

Advance sales to attendees of previous Steamboat trips leave just a couple of beds unsold.  Accommodations are subject to prior sale and are assigned on a first paid basis.  Contact the trip organizer at to confirm space remains available.
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