The Rocky Mountain Bicycle Boys is a casual club for mountain bikers who love the thrill and camaraderie that comes from off-road riding with their friends. We especially enjoy exploring the endless miles of spectacular, scenic trails of Colorado's unique geography and history.

Welcome Back to Bike Season!

2014 was another great year of skiing and biking!  Let's give big THANK YOU to all the event sponsors who hosted our many weekend trips and rides in the previous year.  Thank you also to all the participants who shared their time and company with all their friends.

That said, it's time to think about 2015!   Event sponsors are actively planning out trips and rides for the weeks and months ahead.  Oh lookie, we even have some day rides!   Check them out!  Please contact the appropriate trip sponsor(s) if you want to join in on the fun.  Also as always, please keep a sharp eye out for any other newly added trips or rides which may spark your interest, and get in touch with any trip sponsor quickly to put in your name.  Our trips fill up fast!  We want to see you woo-hooing on a trip, not boo-hooing on the sidelines.

Please note that due to extensive derezzing of e-trees, we are no longer producing our monthly electronic newsletter.  So this awesome website is where you'll find the latest news, updates, and maybe some impeccable/incompetent humor that'll make you giggle/groan with utter delight/disgust.  We'll continue to slave away to keep it as current as possible, so please check back often.  Meanwhile, trip sponsors will periodically send out group emails with their latest updates, so please keep looking out for those.  Yes, we do it all for you, because, by golly, you deserve it!

Again, if you have any trip/ride ideas or suggestions on how to better run your club or our new website, please let us know at  Remember: no one listens to your flapping clap trap or clapping flap trap better than the RMBB.  Hmmm, I think that should be our new club motto.

Happy Trails!

Last updated 5/7/2015
Newly Added Events
Spend a pleasant day riding the trails at Deer Creek Canyon in the foothills southwest of Denver.  Those wishing to car pool from central Denver can contact the trip sponsor at to set something up.  Otherwise, plan to meet at Deer Creek.  Be sure to pack a sack lunch to enjoy while out on the trail. 
If riding in the foothills above Boulder tickles your fancy, then you'll want to mark your calendars.  Trail options for the day include riding the Blue Dot Trail in Nederland or savoring the singletrack in either Hall Ranch or Heil Ranch.  Those who sign up for the outing will decide which venue will be our destination.  Please contact to reserve a spot and vote on the trail of your choice.  Be sure to pack a sack lunch to enjoy on the trail.
Join COMBA for a trail build weekend at Buffalo Creek.  All work will be done by hand which involves the use of simple hand tools, and there’s no experience needed.  COMBA will provide the tools and guidance so come join us for a day or the weekend and camp with us.  We’ll fire up the grills for our post work, afternoon BBQ each day so please register so we can plan accordingly and contact you if things should change.  And many thanks to Denver Beer Company for providing the adult beverages.  For more details or to register please visit COMBA.
Doudy Draw, located south of Boulder near Eldorado Canyon just off Hwy 93, has a fine selection of moderate singletrack trails well suited for an early season ride.  People wanting to set up car pools from Denver, please contact  Participants may decide to stop for lunch and a brew at a local pub on the south side of Boulder after the ride. 
The Mayhem Gulch trail at Centennial Cone park in the canyon west of Golden is a perennial favorite with the Bicycle Boys -- weather permitting!  If you want to set up a car pool, please contact  Otherwise, plan to meet at the trailhead.  After the ride, participants may want to stop at a brew pub in Golden for lunch and some liquid refreshments.
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